Step Sequencer

Brandulator | Step Sequenced Flanger by Vasily Makarov

Brandulator | Free Step Sequenced Flanger VST Plugin

Brandulator creates special audio-effect with a peculiar sounding which is similar to a flanger, a vocoder and a garmonayzer, but has other principle of operation in case of which the input signal branches on three channels of processing by the set-up comb filters, the tonality of their setup can will change to 16 times for […]

Bleepman – Free Retro lo-fi Synthesizer for Kontakt

Bleepman - free retro lo-fi bleeping synthesizer for Kontakt

Bleepman is a free Kontakt instrument virtual device designed to bleep. It is based on single-cycle waveforms. The waveforms have been recorded from vintage analog synthesizer, some random old electronic gadgets, or generated digitally to resemble sounds of old video games.