Percussion Samples

Fake Acoustic Drum Kit | Free Samples Pack by Dustyroom

Fake Acoustic Drum Kit | Free One Shots Samples Pack

Fake Acoustic Drum Kit is a free pack of pseudo-acoustic drum one-shot sounds made completely in NI FM8 synth. In a single pack you get more than 500 original high quality quasi-convincing drum sounds, meticulously recorded and sorted by instruments.

Soundkore Essentials Vol 1 – Free Sample Pack by Soundkore

Soundkore Essentials Vol 1 - Free Sample Pack

Soundkore Essentials Vol 1 is a free sample pack with just under 1 GB of samples including Vocals, Bass, FX, Synths and Drums ! Run through analog gear to get a crisp and modern professional sound, these samples are ready to drop right into your productions.

EDM Drums – Sounds & Drum Kits by BeatMatch

EDM Drums - Sounds & Drum Kits by BeatMatch

EDM Drums is a free amazing compilation of sounds, drum kits and project files. Enjoy performance ready Ableton Live & Maschine templates, complete groove sets, drum rack midi files & more. Thanks to pre-arranged demo projects you are ready right out of the box to play, edit and remix your own EDM style tracks.

CGC Shaker | Experimental Percussion Kontakt Instrument, SFZ & Wav

CGC Shaker | Experimental Percussion Kontakt, SFZ & Wav Instrument

CGC Shaker is a free experimental percussion sounding similar to shaker. It’s made out of recordings of Camping Gas Cartridges (CGC) filled with sand (and small rocks). It’s not that very predictive when in use, making similar but always different sound so we used many round robins to emulate that.

Free Production Loops 2016 by Heavyocity

Free Production Loops 2016 -Heavyocity- GRAVITY and Master Sessions

Free Production Loops 2016 were built entirely from the critically-acclaimed virtual instruments, GRAVITY and Master Sessions. Delivering over 1.1 GB of WAV, REX, and Apple Loops files, Free Production Loops is a rare opportunity to sample the signature sound design quality of Heavyocity.