Noisie - Free VST Oscillator Synth Instrument

Noisie – Free VST Oscillator Synth Instrument

Noisie is a free VST 3 oscillator synth instrument. All 3 oscillators have a shaper and a clipper.These are distortion effects. You can distort the oscillators so much that it becomes almost a Noise. That’s why it’s called Noisie. There are 2 versions of this synth a 3 note poly and one 6 poly.

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Noisemo - Free VST Noisy Synthesizer Instrument

Noisemo – Free VST Noisy Synth Instrument

Noisemo is a free VST unusual and noisy little synth – each wavecycle is produced by re-triggering a noise generator, producing an arbitrary, harmonically rich timbre. Auto-crossfading is applied to the two oscillators to create smooth evolving textures similar to Ensoniq’s Fizmo.

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ABVSTI - Sound generator free VSTi Synth

ABVSTI | Free Sound Generator VST Synthesizer by Audiobulb

ABVSTI is a virtual studio VST Synthesizer plugin. This sound generator is designed to plug into your studio environment and deliver some Audiobulb acoustic elements.

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