The Harmon Swells | Free Kontakt Instrument

The Harmon Swells | Free Trumpet Kontakt Instrument

The Harmon Swells is a free library for NI Kontakt recorded in 2014. and finished almost a year later. The original content recorded in these sessions was nearly 8 gigabytes. However, developer has selected only these two patches to share! This library was recorded with a pair of Neumann M103’s in a large dry room […]

CGC Shaker | Experimental Percussion Kontakt Instrument, SFZ & Wav

CGC Shaker | Experimental Percussion Kontakt, SFZ & Wav Instrument

CGC Shaker is a free experimental percussion sounding similar to shaker. It’s made out of recordings of Camping Gas Cartridges (CGC) filled with sand (and small rocks). It’s not that very predictive when in use, making similar but always different sound so we used many round robins to emulate that.

Super Audio Boy | Retro Sounds Kontakt Library [Free]

Super Audio Boy | Free Retro Sounds Kontakt Library

Super Audio Boy is a free retro sounds Kontakt Library and a loving tribute to a certain grey handheld video game system that has become a legend in its own right. With well over 100 million units sold, the “GB” needs no further introduction, other than to mention that its sound chip has survived well-after […]

Scott Drums | Rock Drum Kit Kontakt Library

Scott Drums - Free rock drum kit sample library for Kontakt

Scott Drums is a free rock drum kit sample library for Kontakt and is Ivy Audio’s first foray into the world of percussion sampling. He took a medium sized drum kit, miced every piece individually with high quality microphones, and recorded five round robins and 8 dynamic levels across the board. The library includes everything […]

Thunder X3M – Free Kontakt Instrument

Thunder X3M - Free Kontakt Percussion Instrument

Thunder X3M Taiko is a free library for NI Kontakt. The concept behind the original Thunder Series was to capture unique instrument combinations playing live – on-set mixture between timpani and toms, between Bulgarian tupans, snare drums and many more. The series was held in high regard and after some further experiments with the second […]