Swamp XT Pro Free VST instrument Synth

Swamp XT Pro Free VSTi Synth

Swamp XT Pro is a free VST instrument synthesizer features ‘Timbre-modulation’. It is processing each oscillator’s waveform in a very unique way in changing i.e enriching or limiting the harmonic spectrum making the sound fatter, wider or narrower even til near dissolving it to some way distorted noise depending on the input wave.

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Scapes Wizard - Free Vst instrument synth for Soundscapes

Scapes Wizard – Free VSTi Machine for Soundscapes

ScapesWizard 1 is a free machine for soundscapes with a very different control concept by triggering different samples via keyboard, or, using LazyPlay play a pool of waves in sequence or at random driven by inbuilt clock or triggered by keyboard to advance manually.

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Altair 4B - Free Ambient VSTi Synth & SciFi Sounds

Altair 4B – Free Ambient VSTi Synth & SciFi Sounds

Altair 4B  – Free Ambient VSTi Synth & SciFi Sounds will be of best service for all doing soundtracks for movies or games in the genres of SciFi, Suspense, Horror, Fantasy and alike needing special, spacey, wobbly FX sounds.
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