AradazAmp2 White Free VST Amp Simulator Plugin Effect

AradazAmp2 White Amp Simulator

AradazAmp2 White Amp Simulator Version, it features two channels overdrive and distortion (the red led above input and gain knobs), modern tube amp style, three stages of EQ, 4 x 12 cabinet simulator, 44100 – 96000 Hz sample rate support, 64 bit internal processing and more…

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EC Emulator - Free VST Guitar Amplifier Plugin Effect

EC Emulator – Guitar Amplifier

EC Emulator – Guitar Amplifier – Experimental Combo Emulator is a guitar amp emulation software with unusual sound. It was created to test some guitar sound processing ideas and then transformed into free of pay amp emulator to achieve rare sounds at repetition or recording. For it’s experimental nature it is not an emulation of any really existing guitar amp. It’s goals are some original clean sounds, good “strained” overdriven solo sound, and staccatos.

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