SampQuad - Free Sampler VSTi

SampQuad – Free Sampler VSTi

SampQuad is a free 4x Sampler VSTi that was created in order to shape/create samples with. It’s modeled after something they did called the ORKESTRA which never got released publically however they utilized 4 samplers for a standalone folder of sounds…

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Dropout - Free Granular Sample Cylcer VST Instrument

Dropout – Free Granular Sample Cylcer VSTi

Dropout is a Free VST instrument sample player that utilizes granular pitch shifting and sample slicing to play back a sample in new and unusual ways.

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EcolooP - free VST sampler Creative Tool Instrument

EcolooP – Free Sampler Creative Tool

EcolooP is a free original sampler creative tool – EcolooP is a sampler tool that integrated some originals functions for recreating a new loop, pattern or song by recycling recorded sounds or by importing custom waves file or sliced wave files (EcoWav).

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