Regressif – Free VST / AU plugin

Regressif - Free VST / AU Audio Plugin Effect

Regressif is a free VST / AU audio plugin focused on sound degradation. Combining a multimode filter with distortion, samplerate reduction and bitcrushing effects, therefore it can turn the most innocent sound into a wall of digital noise. Two LFO modules and an additional LFO mixer can then be brought into the mix to further […]

FilterGrizzly 2 – Filter VST

FilterGrizzly 2 Free VST Filter Plugin Effect

FilterGrizzly 2 is a free filter VST plugin ! Rich on character and warmth, the completely overworked filter module is loaded with a tube-based filter drive unit for saturation, followed by an analog modelled 4-pole lowpass and 2-pole highpass filter with a passive controlled feedback circuit !