Dreamscapes 2 | Free soundscape packs for Ableton Live by Togeo Studios

Dreamscapes 2 | Free soundscape packs for Ableton Live

Dreamscapes 2 for Ableton Live is the second installment in a series of soundscape packs created by Togeo Studios. This free download consists of 160 dreamlike atmospheres, nightmarish effects and spacey pad presets for the Ableton Live Simpler device.

Dreamscapes for Ableton Live by Togeo Studios

Dreamscapes for Ableton Live

Dreamscapes for Abletion Live is a new series of synths from Togeo Studios for the Live Simpler instrument device. Dreamscapes part 1 is set of 135 atmospheres, textures, drones, sound effects and evolving ambient pad synths.

Tycho | Cosmic, Sci-fi oriented Synth by Aldo Calpini

Tycho | Spatial, Cosmic, Sci-fi VSTi Synth

Tycho is free a spatial, cosmic, sci-fi oriented VST synth instrument, the emphasys is on expresiveness: velocity and aftertouch (no polyphonic aftertouch, alas) can do a lot to the sound, so try it with a full featured MIDI keyboard.

Free Antidote Audio Packs x4 | Midi Files, Foley Sounds & One Shots

Free Antidote Audio Packs | Midi Files, Foley Sounds & One Shots

Four free packs by Antidote Audio with samples, loops, presets and MIDI files. Including more than 300 Foley sounds and one shots, or more than 100 Dubstep samples and loops. Another pack with 50 MIDI files for your composition.

Marazmator | Free VST Synth by Stone Voices

Marazmator | Free VST Synth

Marazmator, is a free virtual synthesizer for creating unusual sound forms. The subject of sounds strikes with the variety, it both sound space plots, and the natural phenomena, sounds of technical character (engines, mechanisms, the tool and тп), different voices, and sound objects which are simply not giving in to any description.