The Warehouse - Free Samples Pack from 99Sounds

The Warehouse – Free Samples Pack from 99Sounds

The Warehouse is a free collection of sound effects and organic percussion sounds created by Richard Gould. Featuring a set of eerie field recordings captured in an abandoned military storage facility, this unique free sample library packs more than one hundred spine chilling sounds ready for use in your next horror movie soundtrack.

The Warehouse is a sample instrument containing a range of SFX elements recorded in a military storage facility in the United Kingdom. It includes wooden, metallic and glass elements. Many of the sounds were captured within the natural ambience of the facility. The sounds can easily be used as percussion elements as well as straight sound effects.

Creaking doors, rattling chains, spooky metallic echoes and glass scraping sounds are the sort of stuff you’ll find in The Warehouse. These samples can be used as scary sound effects, however most of them will also work very well as organic percussive sounds for layering on top of drum loops. My favorite part of the library are the samples of an electric lift, which almost beg to be used as foley robot sounds in a Transformers style movie.


Technical Details

The Warehouse contains 116 one shot samples in 24-bit WAV format. All included sounds have been recorded and edited by Richard Gould. The size of the download archive is 104 MB, occupying 216 MB of hard drive space when extracted.

Apart from the one shot samples in 24-bit WAV format, the download pack also features a handy NI Kontakt instrument, as well as a SFZ patch which you can use in most freeware samplers out there. Please note that you’ll need the full version of NI Kontakt in order to use the provided NKI instrument patch.



  •     116 audio samples in total
  •     24-bit WAV format
  •     96 kHz Stereo
  •     SFZ instrument patch
  •     NKI instrument patch
  •     216 MB size on disk
  •     104 MB download size (RAR archive)



More info & download >> / The Warehouse – Free Samples Pack

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