Rain And Thunder - Free Samples Pack from 99Sounds

Rain And Thunder – Free Samples Pack from 99Sounds

Rain And Thunder is a free sound library featuring 64 high quality audio samples which were recorded during a spring storm on the streets of Belgrade. The sounds were recorded in 24-bit depth using a portable Edirol R-09 stereo field recorder.

The Rain And Thunder free sample collection contains all the sound effects you may need in order to evoke the atmosphere of a rainy day in a large city. You can hear the cars passing by on some of the recordings, tires splashing through puddles and people walking around in a hurry. The rest of the audio content was recorded in quieter parts of the city, far from the busy downtown. The author has also recorded the beautiful sound of raindrops falling on an umbrella, it almost sounds like vinyl noise.

There are also around twenty recordings of distant thunder rumble. These can be mixed with clean recordings of rain, if you need background noise for a movie or an audio project.


Loop Content

The majority of the samples in the “Rain” and “Distant Thunder” folders have been edited to loop perfectly. You can easily connect multiple copies of the same audio file in an audio track inside your DAW in order to create infinite rain loops. The provided loops can be used at any tempo and of course there is no need to use time-stretching because the loops do not contain rhythmic content.

The “Heavy Thunder” samples are provided as one-shots. They have long tails, so it’s very easy to layer them on top of a rain loop and get natural sounding results. In the audio example embedded in the sidebar, a single rain sample was looped five times, with four different heavy thunder samples layered on top.


Technical Stuff

The heavy thunder samples have been normalized to -0.1 dB to ensure maximum volume without clipping. The rain and distant thunder loops have been normalized to values ranging from -12 dB to -6 dB, depending on the overall atmosphere and the feel of the loop. All included samples are available in stereo 24-bit WAV format with 44.1 kHz sampling rate. There are 64 individual audio samples inside, adding up to 659 MB of audio data.



64 audio samples in total
7 heavy thunder sounds
19 distant thunder sounds
38 rain loops
24-bit WAV format
44.1 kHz Stereo
658 MB size on disk
522 MB download size (RAR archive)

Price : Free


Info & download >> 99Sounds.org / Rain And Thunder – Free Sample Pack

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