Cyclop for iPad | Monophonic Bass Synthesizer

Cyclop for iPad | Monophonic Bass Synthesizer by Sugar Bytes

Cyclop iPad Edition is a cutting-Edge monophonic synthesizer for low-frequency connoisseurs designed for the iPad. It does one thing very well: delivering cutting-edge digital madness at the low end of the frequency spectrum.

Cyclop is the master of subs, beautifully controlling even the lowest notes, always sounding stomach-rumblingly thick. It uses mid/side processing to introduce stereo imaging between 250Hz and 4kHz. This ensures wide, interesting sounds that retain their punch and bass. There are no phasing issues, which means Cyclop cuts through the mix very nicely.

Cyclop for iPad is a fully featured port of the desktop version. Its unparalleled connectivity options, complete integration with the desktop app and the flexible internal modulation system make it a fine addition to any mobile producer’s arsenal.


Key Features

  • Monophonic Bass Synthesizer
  • 6×2 Synthesiser Engines, 10×2 Filter Engines
  • Analog Sync, FM, Sample Transformer, Spectromat, Saw Regiment, Phase Stressor
  • Vowel Filter Mode
  • Free Signal Flow for 2 Oscillators, Filters and Distortions.
  • Incredibly versatile modulation system
  • Multi FX Knob/Sequencer
  • powerful Preset Browser with tagging and rating
  • Full MIDI Support (Virtual, Network, External)
  • Music Library Access (Transformer Oscillator)
  • iTunes File Sharing
  • Inter-App Audio
  • Audiobus
  • Ableton Link


Full MIDI Support and preset compatibility with the desktop app

The iPad version of Cyclop accepts regular MIDI (external, network and internal) for both notes and control options; there is a MIDI Learn feature built in. If you are using a MIDI keyboard with some control options, you can assign any of Cyclop’s controls. Just tap and hold on a control. For hands-on, real-time control you have plenty of options.

Moving presets between the desktop app and the iPad couldn’t be easier with iTunes’ File Sharing option, so you can continue to work on ideas you had on the go and use them in a desktop project.

It has an amazing FX sequencer, 6×2 Synthesizer engines, 10×2 Filter Engines, and the list goes on and on. But, the long and the short of it—it’s a few bucks for a Sugar Bytes synth on your iPad.


Price: $24.99 / 27,99 € / £23.99

Info & Download >> Sugar Bytes / Cyclop iPad Edition

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