The Harmon Swells | Free Trumpet Kontakt Instrument

The Harmon Swells | Free Kontakt Instrument

The Harmon Swells is a free library for NI Kontakt recorded in 2014. and finished almost a year later. The original content recorded in these sessions was nearly 8 gigabytes. However, developer has selected only these two patches to share! This library was recorded with a pair of Neumann M103’s in a large dry room with a solo Trumpet player.

The concept was simple. Record a bunch of tempo locked swells at different lengths whilst having the performer going from closed to open with the harmon mute.


  • Tempo Locked Via Time Machine Pro
  • 2, 3, & 4 Beat Keyswitchable Lengths [originally recorded at 120 bpm]
  • 2 x RR on 2 Beat Swells
  • Bonus Crazy 2 Measure long “Wah” Patch [limited range]
  • 56.9 Mb Installed (open wav files for easy use)
  • Full Version of Kontakt 5.5.2+ Required



Price: Free

Info & Download >> Samples Spotlight / The Harmon Swells

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