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Free VST Plugins database. Find the free audio VST plugin you need. Whether you are looking for VST instruments or effects.
Free VST instruments

Free VST Effect

Free VST instruments pages for all your needs. whether your are looking for a drum machine or a polyphonic synth

You can choose a category or browse all free VST instruments.

The free VST instrument database :

Free VST instruments

Browse all Vst Instruments

  • Ambient – Free VST Synthesizer Instruments to make ambient, soundscapes, pads, new age music
  • Arpeggiator & Sequencer – Arpeggiator, Sequencer & Step Sequencer VST Instruments
  • Bass – VST instrument to reproduce sound of bass.
  • Drums / Beats – If you are looking for vst instrument that sounds like drums, percussion, drum machine or to make beats
  • Ethnic – Free World Instruments plugins
  • Guitar – Instruments to reproduce the sound of a acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo…
  • Organ – Find free instruments thaht sounds like organ, Vintage Organ, emulation of an organs of the 60’s-70’s,…
  • Others VSTi – Well, all others such as virtual harmonium, harmonica, oboe, music box, saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Glockenspiel, Harp, Orchestral, Xylophone VSTi
  • Piano / Keyboard – From virtual acoustic Grand Piano emulation to Wurlitzer Electric Piano or Toy Keyboard
  • Samplers & Romplers – Sample players, samplers, Soundfont Player/SFZ Player or Romplers category
  • Strings – From virtual analogue string machine to Orchestral Strings (violins, violas, cellos,…) or plucked string
  • Synth – All free vst synth instruments, FM, AM, substractive, hybrid, polyphonic, monophonic, vintage, emulation of famous synthesizers…

Free VST Effect

Free VST Effect database. From simple amp to great equalizer or compressor, you will find a directory of free VST effect plugin for all your needs for nothing.

Browse all Vst Effects

  • Amp VST – From tube amplifier to pre-amp or cabinets simulator
  • Bit Crusher – Free Bit-crusher VST plugins
  • Bundle / Multi – Free Multi Effect Plugin all-in-one or bundles of
  • Chorus – Free Chorus, Flanger and Phaser VST category
  • Compressor – All types of compressors audio plugin effect (Multiband Compressor, stereo compressor, vintage style, single band).
  • Delay / Echo – If you need delay or echo effect
  • Distortion / Overdrive / Fuzz – Index of free distortion, overdrive, fuzz vst effect audio plugins
  • EQ / Equalizer – VST Equalizers effects
  • Filter – Free Filtering vst effects plugins
  • Flanger – Free Flanger vst effects plugins
  • Limiter & Soft Clipper – Free limiter et soft clipper effects plugins
  • Others VST – Pan envelope, Channel Strip, Gadgets, Tape Dynamics Simulator, Stereo Expander, Exciter, Time-Stretching, Octaver
  • Phaser – or phase shifter free vst audio effect
  • Pitch Shifter – Free Pitch Shifter VST Section
  • Reverb – Collection of Reverb VST audio plugin.
  • Reverb – Collection of Free Transient Shaper VST audio plugin.
  • Vocoder – List of Free Vocoder VST plugins