Tromine Z - Free VST VA Synthesizer Instrument

Tromine Z – Free VST VA Drum Synthesizer Instrument

Tromine Z is a free Roland TR-909-style Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer VST Instrument.


  • 7 analog drum synthesizers
    Bass drum
    Pitch, Tune, Depth, Decay, Attack, Pan, Level, Mute
    Snare drum
    Tune, Drum, Tone, Decay, Snare, Pan, Level, Mute
    Low/Mid/High tom
    Tune, Noise, Decay, Pan, Level, Mute
    Rimshot, Hand clap
    Tune, Decay, Pan, Level, Mute
  • 4 mono samplers
    Closed/Open hihat
    Tune, Decay, Balance, Pan, Level, Mute
    Crash/Ride cymbal
    Tune, Decay, Pan, Level, Mute
  • 8bit/16bit wav format file support
  • 9 outputs
  • midi CC support
  • Automation support

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Marvin Pavilion / Tromine Z

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