FabBass - Free Vintage Bass Guitar VST Instrument

FabBass – Vintage Bass Guitar VST Instrument

FabBass is a free Vintage Bass Guitar VST Instrument Plugin.


Designed to create a close 1960’s Violin Bass Sound

Pitch Section:

Octave Select

Transpose Select

Tune Control

Fine Tune Control

Shape Section:

Force – Controls Plectrum / Finger Dynamics

Decay – Note Length

Sustain – Note Fade Length

Tone section:
Colour – Dull to Bright
Velocity – Harder pressure brightens the sound

Velocity Control
Volume Control

Classic 7 Band Bass Guitar Graphic EQ

Pickup Section:
Volume 2 – Controls Bass / Neck Pickup Volume
Volume 1 – Controls Treble / Bridge Pickup Volume
Rhythm / Solo Switch – Changes Volume Dynamics
Bass On – Switches on the Neck / Bass Pickup
Treble On – Switches on the Bridge / Treble Pickup

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Samsara Cycle Audio / FabBass

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