n0t0miz0r | MIDI Note Randomizer VST

n0t0miz0r | MIDI Note Randomizer VST by SyS Audio Research

n0t0miz0r was created to provide a simple and fast solution for generating infinitely randomized output, regarding the pitch of a given note. This is quite handy if you do not have a faulty sequencer or an analog modular synthesizer with a sequencer option at hand. For 80’s-style electronic dance basslines for example, unpredictable randomness is mandatory.

n0t0miz0r features

  • Provides a stable and reliable solution (which really works) to receive Midi data inside a VST compatible host/wrapper.
  • Processes (randomizes) the pitch of the notes inside the Midi data stream according to user defined parameters, and then passes the Midi data stream, including the processed note information, on to a Midi-out channel for further usage, in- or outside the VST host.
  • All other parameters are unaffected by n0t0miz0r (timing, velocity, note lenght, aftertouch etc. will be passed through untouched).
  • Lowest and highest randomized note controls to control what notes are affected.
  • Randomization probability (0 to 100 percent) and exclude duplicates parameters.



n0t0miz0r is available as a VST 2.4 plug-in (32-bit & 64-bit) for Windows PC.


Price: Free

Info & Download >> SyS Audio Research / n0t0miz0r

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