Rez3 | Free Resonator FX VST Plugin

Rez3 | Resonator FX VST Plugin

Rez3 is a free Resonator FX VST plugin, it offers a multi LFO with 6 different waveforms and an envelope follower to modulate tone, feedback, filter cutoff and filter resonance.

Further it provides 6 independent resonator voices where the first of it is the master and all others can be detuned to the master note, each voice is also equipped with a pan slider and a range button which you can use to set the detune range between one octave and one semitone.

The built in keyboard allows you to play notes directly or you can use your host sequencer or midi keyboard to play notes.

Rez3 is a free vst plugin and comes with 32 Presets.

Parameters are also equipped with a midi learn function to use it with your midi controller.


Computer: Pentium III or higher/AMD with SSE support – 1200 MHz – 512 MB RAM – Windows 2000 or XP or newer

Host: VST compatible 32 bit ( 64 bit when using j bridge) host software – tested and known to work in FL Studio – Cubase – Live – Renoise .


Price: Free

Info & Download >> z3 Audiolabs / Rez3

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