The Infinity Free Mastering Compressor VST plugin audio effect

The Infinity Free Mastering Compressor

The Infinity© Mastering Compressor, a new way of class-A audio compression. And it’s FREE ! The VST/plugin is completely built on its own custom design.

The strength of this compressor lies partly in parallel multi-compression in combination with sub selection.

The audio becomes wider, more dynamic and has a warm rounded tone that benefits low end (Sub tones).

Tube saturation can be added on top of mid/high frequencies to give more sparkle and focus.

  • It’s a Subtle Low end Warmer.
  • 0 to 100% Pure Incoming Audio + Added Infinity Dynamics.
  • Brightness and Width in Mid and High Frequencies.
  • Subs Will Sound Subtle, Full and More Focused.
  • Kicks Feel More Alive, While the Track Becomes More Open.
  • You can Add Tube Saturation (Lundahl transformer based).
  • Audio gets auto limited to -0.02dB when you go over 0dB.
  • A/B comparison (On/Off switch or toggle switch).
  • Soft knob tweaking when holding Shift + mouse.

The Infinity© has been designed for the mastering stage, but you can use it everywhere you want.

If you use it as Mastering/Buss Compressor inside the Mastering Buss you will get the best out of your audio.

The Infinity© will glue/compress and limit the signals while you can find the right “Spot” in terms of focus.

If you need a bit more life, just drive the unit and add Tube, Sweetness and some big round tones.

Price: Free

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