HBC-5 - Free Compressor Plugin

HBC-5 – Free Compressor Plugin

HBC-5 is a free 5.1 channel compatible compressor plugin. It uses both peak and RMS detection simultaneously, which produces a pleasing sound characteristics. HBC-2 is a stereo version of the HBC-5. HBC-2 also has an additional M-S processing capability.

  • Adjustable mixture between peak & RMS detectors.
  • The RMS window size is controlled by the release time, but can be overriden by the “RMS Time” slider.
  • Smart release time control. Helps keeping the compression seamless with long release times.
  • HBC-5: SMPTE ITU/FILM switch for alternative channel order.
  • HBC-2: M-S mode compresses mid-side information instead of left-right.
  • HBC-2: Channel link adjusts the amount of compression interaction between L-R or M-S


Price: Free

Info & Download >> Sonic Anomaly / HBC-5

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