Quilcom Multiplier 2 | Free Chorus & Pitch Shifter

Quilcom Multiplier 2 | Free Chorus & Pitch Shifter by Rex Basterfield

The Quilcom Multiplier 2 is a free quadruple chorus and pitch-shift vst effects unit. The 4 stereo effects blocks are identical. Each block provides an optional input state variable static filter with adjustable cut-off frequency and resonance. This is followed by an optional chromatic pitch shifter that allows you to select musical intervals for the pitch-shift (with a fine tune setting).

The signal then goes into a stereo delay system with a separate sine wave LFO for modulating the delay time of the left and right channels. Here you can set the minimum and maximum delay time in samples for both channels together, allowing the range and centring of modulation to be adjusted.

The X-feedback knob provides left/right crossover feedback and the feedback knob is left to left and right to right. Finally you can set the level for each block’s stereo output and mute it. Muting is useful for auditioning the contribution of each block to the whole sound. The bar graph meters are connected post-fader so you can spot oscillation and level issues quickly and they have a clip-hold LED above them.

The output area (lower right) provides a wet/dry balance, a stereo width knob which goes between full stereo and mono, a feedback knob which sets overall feedback from the output to all inputs and a volume knob for the output. The bar-graph meter and clip-hold LED help to get the overall level right.

Be careful with all the feedback knobs! It’s very easy to go just that bit too far and produce oscillation, especially with the overall feedback from the output area. Also the effects are best auditioned on headphones first so you can hear the subtleties and stereo staging better.


Price: Free

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