Sonic Transformer | Free Multi FX VST Plugin

Sonic Transformer | Free Multi FX VST Plugin by Ourafilmes

Sonic Transformer is a free complex multi-effect processor plugin with pure alien style! With its original 5 “alien eyes” knobs, you can control several parameters simultaneously (or a percentage of an effect parameter)! The “hybrid” knob controls the dry/wet mix. The use of this plugin is completely enigmatic and chaotic but allows you to get effects from reverb to powerful filters, from chorus to delays,…

There´s 7 presets (fxp format) available but, soon, you´ll realize that, by only altering one knob, the sound changes a lot. This feature allows you to transform radically the sound! This is a really different plugin! Dr. Speaker Blower

Full automation and Midi Learn feature! This free plugin is stereo only. This is a full version of the effect but its future updates will only be released in the FX pack.


Price: Free

Info & Download >> Ourafilmes / Sonic Transformer

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