RollAmp - Free Guitar Amp Simulator AAX AU VST Plugin

RollAmp – Free Guitar Amp Simulator

RollAmp is a free guitar amp simulator for Windows and Mac.


  • Authentic circuit emulation
  • Combo guitar amplifier with 1×12 Type M cabinet
  • Type 57 mic placed to cap edge
  • Three valve models
  • Class A power-amp
  • Cabinet simulation that can be bypassed
  • Calibrated input level to record guitar ITB


Supported Platforms

Audio Unit,VST 2.4.All platforms support both 32 and 64 bit operation.
AAX OSX 64 bit

Supported Operation Systems

Mac OSX 10.5 or newer
Windows 7 or newer

Technical Specifications

Sample Rate Support: up to 192 khz
Bit Depth: 64 bits


Price: Free

Info & Download >> Analog Obsession / RollAmp

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