SoundBrigde | Free Digital Audio Workstation DAW

SoundBrigde | Free Digital Audio Workstation DAW

SoundBridge is a free full featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) music production software that emphasizes mobility, connectivity and ease of use. The user experience is optimized and made the application high resolution with 5 color schemes, added channel strip & plugin presets, a swing tool, advanced mixer routing, and much more !

SoundBridge is an omni-recording experience, transcending desktop, mobile, and in-browser recording environments. The online collaboration engine allows you to seamlessly connect, communicate and transfer data, among an unlimited number of collaborators per project.

SoundBridge provides one of the simplest, coherent and intuitive interfaces around. It may not include EVERY creative feature you get in expensive DAWs, but it gives you what you need to make music; and, in that regard, you never feel limited. It is way more affordable than any of its competitors, making it accessible to a wider public.

With VST compatibility, it differentiates itself from other products in the same price range and gives the user access to all the resources they could possibly need. Finally, SoundBridge is touch screen compatible. This is such a great addition that makes the whole music creation process much more interactive and organic


Key Features:

  • Sequencer
  • Advanced Mixer
  • Insert FX Rack
  • midi mapping
  • Transport Bar
  • File Browser
  • Midi Editor
  • Audio Editor
  • Automation Editor


Price: Free

Info & Download >> SoundBrigde

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