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Pixapix RE: Good chords progressions  

By Pixapix, 1 month  ago

Composing & Music Theory
  Eb - Cm - Bb - Gm/F Hope, it helps... I've got others but in what of style ? Jazz, rock, pop, EDM ?
Pixapix Free Zebra CM and Presets  

By Pixapix, 2 months  ago

VST / AU Instruments
  Hi, Wanna know if we can use free or paid presets for Zebra 2 in the Zebra CM Version of the plugin ? Cheers
myactu Good chords progressions  

By myactu, 2 months  ago

Composing & Music Theory
  Hello, everybody. I need some help, could you provide me (us) some good chords progressions ? Mine sounds always the same. Thank you.
zipad Use Thor's Presets in Thor for iPad ?  

By zipad, 2 months  ago

Presets & Patches
  Hi, I'd like to know if it is possible to use the presets of Thor synthesizer in the iPad version ? Or do I need to change something ? If so, how can I make that ? Thanks !
mouvop Best Free VST / AU Instruments to Make Music  

By mouvop, 3 months  ago

VST / AU Instruments
  No money, don't worry ! Here, you will find a list of the best VST / AU instruments to make music. Of course, if you use an instrument not listed, feel free to post it with the name, the category and ...





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